Question 1: What is this site all about?
Answer: The site is a closed user email information service to help people find jobs and to fill job vacancies.

Question 2: Why the name "JobShidduch?"
Answer: The name was chosen because it is "catchy" and because it conveys the image of people with a mutual interest (in this case in finding or placing jobs) being "connected" with one another through an intermediary (the Site Administrator).

Question 3: What is the connection with the Recession Watch initiative ?
Answer: The idea for JobShidduch was born out of the Recession Watch initiative which was set up in May 2009 to provide mentoring help to members of HGSS in need as a result of the current economic recession. From the outset it was clear that a significant number of members were experiencing employment hardship including redundancies and difficulties in finding suitable work. JobShidduch is designed to provide additional assistance to members experiencing employment hardship and is complementary to the Recession Watch mentoring initiative.

Question 4: Who can be a Member of JobShidduch ?
Answer: Any member of HGSS can apply to register as a member of JobShidduch.com. The process for registering is very simple. The member completes a short on-line application form which is then considered by the Site Administrator and once approved the member has full access to the Website.

Question 5: How will prospective employers become members of JobShidduch ?
Answer: Members of HGSS who are in management or ownership positions in companies will be elligible and encouraged to become members of JobShidduch.com. A number of such persons already approached Rabbi Livingstone and Jeff Durkin before the Website was set up indicating they or their companies had job vacancies which could be of interest to other members seeking work. It is hoped that this trend will continue once the Website is operational and becomes better known within the community.
At the discretion of the Site Administrator, members of other Synagogue communities in London who are in management or ownership positions in companies which may have job vacancies may be invited to become members of JobShidduch.com as well.

Question 6: Can members of HGSS who are employment consultants or agents register on the Website ?
Answer :
At the discretion of the  Site Adminstrator members of HGSS who are employment consultants or agents will be able to register on the Website. The Site Adminstrator may impose conditions of such registration including requiring that any such member: (a) discloses on the Website that he or she is an employment consultant or agent; (b) undertakes not to apply (including for or on behalf of any other member of HGSS) for any job or vacancy posting placed on the Website by another member who is an employment consultant or agent, or to directly contact the principal upon whose behalf such placement has been made in connection with any such job or vacancy. 

Question 7: What is the Role of the Site Administrator ?
Answer: The Site Administrator has several functions. Firstly, he will vet and approve applications to join the JobShidduch Website. Secondly, he will vet all messages and emails that are posted onto the Website before they are released to ensure (a) they are not too long, (b) they are in good taste, and (c) any obvious inaccuracies are removed. As a consequence, he may edit or amend messages and emails before releasing then. Or, in rare cases, he may decline to release them at all. Thirdly, he will be responsible for issuing a daily digest (or summary) of messages and emails posted so that members will not need to look at every individual posting for the day unless they particularly want to. Fourthly, the Site Administrator has overall responsibility for the maintenance and smooth operation of the Website as well as its security and confidentiality.
The first Site Administrator is Jeff Durkin, who also holds the position of Coordinator of the Recession Watch initiative. HGSS reserves the right to appoint other Site Administrators to assist Jeff for example where demand warrants this or to provide cover whilst he is away on business or holiday.

Question 8: Is JobShidduch totally confidential ?
Answer: Personal information provided by a member when applying to join the JobShidduch Website will be kept confidential by the Site Administrator and other members of his team who have access to the database with his approval. Members will be able to view their personal information stored on the Website and to amend or update it through the "My Profile" link. Personal information of Website members may however be used for statistical purposes e.g. to examine what types of jobs members are mostly interested in or the age profiles of members seeking help. In each case however personal data will be made anonymous so that there will be no way of identifying a member from any statistical reports.

Question 9: What will it cost to join JobShidduch or to use the Website ?
Answer: There is no charge for becoming a member of JobShidduch or for using the Website.

Question 10: Is the Site Administrator or anyone else paid for setting up or operating the JobShidduch Website ?
Answer: Montgomery Kingston, the designers of JobShidduch.com has been paid a fee for designing and implementing the Website. The fee cost has been met by HGSS. Apart from this, neither HGSS, the Site Administrator nor any other person, including any officers of HGSS receive any payment in connection with JobShidduch.

Question 11: How do I apply for a Job posted on the Website ?
Answer: This depends upon whether the person posting the job vacancy is identified as we hope will usually be the case. Where this is so, a member interested in finding out more about a job vacancy or in applying for it will contact the person posting the vacancy directly. This will start a dialogue between them which hopefully will lead to submission of the applicant's CV, an interview and a job offer. This process will take place outside the JobShidduch Website. At the conclusion of the process, it is expected that the person posting the job vacancy will advise the Site Administrator that the job has been filled by another JobShidduch member. It is also hoped that the JobShidduch member who has taken the posted job will advise Site Administrator as well.
Where the person posting the job vacancy has not identified himself or his company, a member wishing to apply for the vacancy or to find out more about it will be able to contact the other person usually by writing to an email address (or in some cases to an Employment Consultant or Agent) quoting a Job Reference number. Upon receipt of the correspondence the person posting the job vacancy will need to reveal his and his organisation's identity following which the process of dialogue, submission of CV's and interviews will follow as above.

If for any reason a job vacancy on the Website has been filled outside the Website membership or has been withdrawn by the JobShidduch member he must inform the Site Administrator so that the vacancy can be removed from the Website and the other members informed.

Question 12: Is it possible the Website may be extended to other Jewish Communities ?
Answer: For the time being no consideration is being given to extending the JobShidduch Website to other Jewish Communities in London. This is consistent with the Website being complementary with the HGSS Recession watch initiative. However the position will be reviewed by HGSS in the coming months in light of its experience of operating JobShidduch and the demand for the Website service.